Kid walks to school in freezing temperatures, father outraged


Parents look for answers after a Washington County Public School allegedly did not notify them of their 14-year-old son’s suspension from the school bus.

According to Rasheem Tazewell, his son Tymier Tazewell was given a three-day referral after being involved in an altercation on Jan. 28 on the E. Russell Hicks Middle School bus.

Rasheem said he received a call from the middle school’s front desk attendant who said his son wasn’t in school. Moments later, he received another call in which he was told his son arrived. It was then, according to the Rasheem, that he found out his son wasn’t allowed on the bus because of an issue with another child.

“Well the vice principal called him in the office told him he had referrals for the incident on Monday never contacted me or his mother so my son had to walk home,” Rasheem said.

Tymier walked 40 minutes in below freezing temperatures for three days during his school bus suspension, Rasheem added. 

Tymier said he got in an altercation because he was defending his sister. 

“I looked at my sister and she was crying so I just like asked them what did they do, what did they say to you and she was saying like [they said] mean stuff I don’t want to be called that,” Tymier said.

Tymier said he was given a referral which prohibited him from riding the school bus to and from home from the afternoon of Jan. 30 to Feb 1.

Rasheem said he went up to the school Friday, Feb. 1 to receive a clear understanding as to what happened. He said the assistant principal from E. Russell Hicks gave his son permission to ride the bus home. However, due to what Rasheem is calling a misunderstanding, his son walked home Feb. 1 in below freezing temperatures.

Washington County Public Schools say that they are currently looking into this incident and it would be premature to provide a response at this time.

Rasheem says he met with the principal of Tymier’s middle school Feb. 4 and still feels as if no clear resolution has been completed.

“He needs to be spoken for and he needs justice for what happened to him because anything could have happened to him and their care,” Rasheem said. 

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