Is your dog pessimistic? It might be due to how you trained them


"I don't teach my kids through hitting them, so why would I hit my dog?"

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Everyone knows the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend,” but it may not always feel that way when your brand-new pair of shoes are chewed to bits overnight. So, how would you discipline the dog?

“There’s 100% a right and a wrong way with dogs,” said All-Star K9 Owner Jason Haupt. “The most confusing things humans get is that they believe dogs are human. The worst thing humans can do is be anthropomorphic which means treat an animal like it’s human when it’s not a human at all.”

Medical News Daily released a recent survey saying punishment type training can make your dog pessimistic. All-Star K9 training facility believes in order to train a companion dog right, it’s better to train in the middle, with both encouragement and directional learning.

“Like you can’t be wacking a dog, they don’t understand that and you’d be causing a fear action,” said Haupt. “Direction is all taught through a line, through positive understanding of which direction to come to is the main thing in dog training, the understanding of direction.”

In the study, short and long term effects of yelling, leash-jerking or physically striking the dog were evident. Researchers determined that pessimistic behavior correlated with separation anxiety and other mental health problems in the dogs. Instead, training the dog through directions, something they can understand, is proven to be the most effective.

“Dogs are 100% a best friend, the closest thing you can get to heaven,” said Haupt. “You can scream at them, yell at them and they still love you tomorrow.”

Haupt has been a dog trainer for 18 years and says dogs should never be trained out of fear but instead, with patience and tough love.

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