In the U.S., children’s COVID-19 clinical trials for a vaccine has begun


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Many adults are eager to receive their COVID-19 vaccination, but some parents might have a different take on giving the vaccine to their children.

Experts are working hard to combat the Coronavirus and in the United States, clinical trials for children’s vaccines have begun.

As many adults have already received their vaccinations, some are concerned about how the vaccine will impact children. 

Many parents expressed concerns about how quickly the vaccine was created. Some went on to say adults can fight off the side effects, but for children, it can be more difficult.

However, experts say they are conducting extensive research to ensure all children are safe. 

“Before we introduce the vaccine to a population of children, we consistently study and test it to ensure it is safe. Parents should know there is intensive research happening to ensure the safety of all children,” said Mutsa Nyakabau MD, MPH Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine.

Although the vaccine is still in the trial phase, experts say parents should do their research and speak with pediatricians.

Health professionals say, although children hospitalizations and deaths are lower than adults, they can still heavily spread the virus.

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