Humane Society of Washington County gives update on rescue of 112 animals


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — It was the largest case the Humane Society of Washington County had ever had to deal with it: A total of 91 dogs and 21 cats were brought into the Humane Society on Tuesday, sharply increasing the number of animals in their care.

“When you have an organization that accepts, typically 817 dogs — in 2020 — we’re looking at accepting, in one day, 11% of that number,” said Colin Berry, executive director of HSWC.

When the Humane Society found them, the animals were covered in feces, urine, and fleas.

One of the dogs rescued on Tuesday, its feet covered in an unknown substance. Courtesy of the Humane Society of Washington County

“The Humane Society was alerted to the condition of these animals by local law enforcement. Currently, this case is still unfolding, and we’re just looking at different options at the time. So we won’t know for a few more days what our next steps will be,” said Berry.

Even without being able to share everything about the rescue, HSWC was fully supported by the community. Animal lovers in Washington County raised over $30,000 in donations in just around 24 hours.

“When we put out the plea that we needed emergency donations to help these animals, people really showed up,” said the development and communications manager Noel Fridgen, expressing her gratitude for the generous outpouring. “These donations will go towards the direct care of these animals. So that involves the vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchipping, and then other more extensive care that some may need.”

Residents across Washington County offered to take in these animals. While all 112 animals were still being checked by vets as of Wednesday, Berry said they will be eligible to be fostered soon enough.

“There will definitely be a need for foster homes, but we’re still a few days out for that. We will be posting all of that information on our Facebook page, so we encourage people to follow us there,” said Berry.

While many are looking at fostering or adopting from this latest rescue, the Humane Society wants to remind everyone that their other animals are waiting to be adopted too.

“We do have so many animals that are already in our care, they’re already available for adoption. And they are equally as deserving of a loving home as the animals from this case,” said Fridgen. “If you’re ready to open your home to an animal, please consider adopting one that is currently available for adoption and making room for more that may come in.”

The Humane Society will be releasing any updated information they can over the next couple of days.

If you’re interested in signing up for the foster program, please go here.

If you’re interested in donating to HSWC, please go here.

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