How Maryland party leaders feel about Biden’s first 100 days in office


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — Thursday marked President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. Biden entered the presidency during a once-in-a-lifetime event — a global pandemic — and opinions vary on how he’s handled his job so far.

Democratic and Republican leaders alike feel Biden handled his biggest obstacle, getting the United States vaccinated, incredibly well. After more than doubling his original goal of 100 million shots in 100 days, both parties see his vaccine infrastructure as a bipartisan win.

Maryland officials said the president has also done good things for the state, from bettering the economy to supporting us as we work through the pandemic. But many of the agreements come to an end there, as both parties held drastically different views when asked if they were disappointed in any of Biden’s actions or goals.

“Trillions of dollars in spending … Free this and free that — nothing is ever free,” said Del. Brenda Thiam, a Republican member of the Maryland House of Delegates. “It costs money to pay for these government programs. I think that’s probably the most egregious of all the things that have occurred so far under President Biden’s administration.”

Yvette Lewis, however, had no critiques of the president at this point in his term.

“AT this point I haven’t been disappointed, it’s only been 100 days. and I think that in light of what he inherited, he has done an amazing job,” said Lewis, chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. “This is the first time that the middle class will be part of the growing economy … I don’t have any disappointments at this time. I mean, I think he has exceeded expectations. He’s done far more than I thought he would do.”

While Democrats and Republicans have varying ideas about how things should be done, both parties seem on board with working to unite Americans as a whole.

As far as what they would like to see in the president’s long-term future, Thiam wants for Biden to slow his spending, and Lewis wants to see Biden tackle voting rights across the country.

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