Horses can face infections in their hooves due to the weather


This time of year, many people can come down with an illness. But animals can also be victims of disease and illness due to weather.

Lorrie Bracaloni, a certified holistic practitioner and horse owner explains the issues that arise for horses in this type of weather.

Water from rainfall with a mix of mud can cause an infection in a horse’s hoof, she says. It can also lead to white line disease that appears in the hoof wall.

With the use of a holistic practice, she uses mineral-based supplements and hay to keep her horses full and happy.

“With all the rain in the last year, they have come down with rain rot which is skin inflammation and they’ve come down with scratches,” Bracaloni said. “Usually scratches is caused by bacterial infection along the hoof wall and it grows into the ankle.”

Bracaloni says for anyone having a water issue around their barn, to invest in gravel to help soak it up.

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