Headlights are brighter in new cars compared to older models

Have you ever been driving and thought the headlights on a passing car were brighter than usual? You’re not alone.
According to a report by AAA, headlights are becoming brighter. Scott Hoffman who has been repairing vehicles for almost 45 years says headlights are becoming brighter for safety.
“People are complaining about not being able to see at night, I think the biggest deal is that cars actually go faster now and that we’re kind of outrunning our light,” Hoffman said.
AAA says car makers have gone from sealed beam headlights to the high-intensity ones.The new headlights don’t just have brighter bulbs, they actually use LED bulbs instead of the traditional halogen ones that vehicles have used for years.
The LED bulbs are brighter and bluer than the older ones.

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