Halloween Holly brings new life to the holiday


On November 1st, parents have to decide how best to curb their kids candy appetite, whether that means stealing candy from their trick-or-treat bags, or convincing the kids to give up some of their loot.

These kids on Monday night will sprint around the neighborhood grabbing as much candy as possible.

“[On] October 31st, families, parents, grandparents, whomever are completely drowning in candy,” said Cara Vie, “Halloween Holly” author.

So this local mother came up with a genius solution to the candy craze.

“My kids come flying down the steps, and all of the sudden a momentary inspiration came across [my mind],” Via said. “I said ‘Oh, do you guys know who Halloween Holly is!?'”

“Halloween Holly” is a fairy elf who lives in the North Pole. In the story, Santa needs help

“She comes to Santa and says ‘I have solved the problem for Christmas,’” Via said. “[She] presents it to Santa; Santa loves the idea, [and] declares her to be Halloween Holly.”

Just how does she solve that problem? With kids help on Halloween.

“You take 10 pieces of your favorite candy to eat them and then you put all the rest of the candy into the basket and she delivers it to the North Pole so the elves can eat them to get magic,” said a 7-year-old neighbor, Ethan.

The story was crafted to encourage kids to share their candy, keeping them from over eating during the season.

“There are so many kids that are consuming up to three cups potentially of sugar during the season,” Via said.

So she tried the idea on her family, her kids could keep 10 pieces and the rest went to Halloween Holly.

“When I realized that there were other people in the same boat as me, I was like ‘I got to write a book!'” Via said.

Instead of stealing the candy from kids or trying to explain why they can’t eat it all, reading the book is a peaceful way to encourage a healthier Halloween.

“Here, here’s the rest, with a big smile on their face, tell me you wouldn’t want that,” Via said.

Her goals are to give kids a positive character to associate with Halloween, and help parents along the way.

“I want everyone nationwide, who is in the same boat as me to at least try it and have a fun and healthier Halloween, with a new tradition,” Via said.

“Halloween Holly” is available for purchase through Amazon, eBay or www.HalloweenHolly.com.

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