Hagerstown Police warn dirt bike riders the consequences of illegal street use


The Hagerstown Police Department is reminding dirt bike riders that it is illegal to ride on the streets.

The police department posted a reminder on Facebook that said, “You are a public safety hazard and we are tired of you putting yourself and others at serious risk.”

Officials said that anyone who violates this law will be charged to the fullest extent. Penalties can include the confiscation of violating dirt bikes, court appearances and hefty fines. 

LT. Rebecca Fetchu of Hagerstown Police Department said, “They are in the middle of the street, they are not driving safely, they are weaving in and out of traffic, sometimes they are doing wheelies. It is really just a hazard and public safety concern.”

Hagerstown Police also said they need help from law-abiding citizens to report the illegal use of dirt bikes as part of an effort to keep the streets safe. 

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