Hagerstown Police investigate series of businesses damaged by pellet guns


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Over the last two months, the Hagerstown Police Department has seen an increase in reports of businesses and structures being damaged by what they believe to be pellet guns.

Lt. Rebecca Fetchu stated that the incidents appear to be random and target businesses with large glass window panes. There have also been reports of lamp post lights being shot out.

“It sounds to us like they were joy-riding, they were in a car, they were riding around, they would see a large window pane and take a shot at it.”

HPD has responded to nine incidents where large glass windows and lamp posts were shot. They have identified three suspects who could be responsible for the destruction.

Lt. Fetchu described that the suspects who may be responsible for the ongoing damage may also be responsible for another related incident.

She stated that the same suspects were also responsible for shooting a paintball at another person.

“The paintball assault is what kind of helped lead us into everything else because there were pellet guns found in the vehicle that they were riding in. So it helped us to connect the dots to all of the other damages that we’ve been having.”

HPD has released limited information on the suspects but a press release shared on September 24th details that there are three suspects; one 18-year-old male, one 16-year-old, and one 17-year-old juvenile male.

Shadeed Redd owns Clippers Barbershop on the corner of North Potomac Street and East Franklin Street. He and his employees were in the business when it was shot in broad daylight.

“About two weeks ago, we were in here cutting in the daytime and what seemed like a bullet came through the window and almost hit of course one of the two barbers. Yeah luckily we have a second pane of glass and it just went through the first and didn’t get through the second or it would have hit one of the barbers.”

HPD has stated that despite concern among the community that some of the businesses were targeted because they are minority-owned, they believe that the businesses were hit because of their large glass windows.

The Hagerstown Police Department will be investigating each incident separately and as they are ongoing, HPD will update each business owner individually.

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