Hagerstown Police Department warns of leaving car unattended


With winter just around the corner, many out there might start up their car to warm it up and leave it unattended. However, that may affect not just fuel mileage but could increase the chances of having the car stolen.

Leaving your vehicle unattended can result in a $70 fine. One auto shop owner says you can purchase a special device to start your car. According to the owner, this may prevent you from leaving your key in the ignition, being a victim of car theft or the headache of locking yourself out.

“There are remote starts available that you wouldn’t have the key in the car at that point you would press a button remotely and it would start your car up … it would warm it up that way,” said Scott Hoffman, owner of Scott’s Speedy Shop.

The Maryland state law allows a motor vehicle that is locked and on private property to operate unattended for up to five consecutive minutes when the vehicle is not in motion.

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