Hagerstown discusses hazard mitigation plan

City council expressed no issues with proposed plan

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Hagerstown City Council met to discuss whether the city will adopt Washington County's 2017 hazard mitigation plan.

Last year, a committee of representatives from various Washington County municipalities worked on a five year update to the county's 2012 hazard mitigation plan. The new plan detailed common hazards within the city and county.

City officials say a mitigation plan is required if the city wishes to apply for disaster relief funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

"At the regular session on August 28, they will vote on that, will say that this is the city's plan as well," said Kathleen Maher, Director of Planning and Code Administration. "Often times, local governments will apply to FEMA to see if they can get some of that money back, so you need to have one of these plans to be eligible for that money."

You can find details on Washington County's 2017 hazard mitigation plan here.

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