Hagerstown Council approves resolution to phase out bulk-parking rate discounts for businesses

The Hagerstown City Council voted to approve a resolution, which would phase out bulk-parking discounts for businesses over a 5-year period.
Currently, some businesses have either a 10 or 25 percent bulk-parking discount rate. According to councilman Austin Heffernan, the discounts were implemented years ago as a way to provide incentives for businesses to come downtown. Heffernan believes the city has too high of a bulk discount rate and says the city is also concerned about having enough money in their reserve fund.
“There’s going to be repairs, the parking decks are getting older, so more repairs are going to have to be done. So, you don’t want to run it at a break even. You can’t afford to run it at a break even,” said Heffernan. 
Heffernan says the council decided to phase out the discount rates over a 5-year period, so the businesses have time to adjust.

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