Hagerstown community shows support on World Cancer Day


February 4 is World Cancer Day. It is a day meant to empower everyone across the world to show support for those who have been impacted, are suffering, or healing from the terrible disease.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death world wide and every minute, 17 people die from it. 

In Hagerstown, support is continuous even beyond World Cancer Day.

A volunteer at Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley, Dan Hall, said the community in Hagerstown has been very supportive through his personal battle.

Hall was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer two and a half years ago on August 26, 2016 and is still undergoing treatment. 

He went through the treatment process, went through multiple surgeries, multiple chemo treatments and radiation.

“When you first get diagnosed it’s like a whirlwind and you don’t know what is happening,” Hall said. 

Hall thought he beat cancer and went back for his remission scan when the doctors told him it was still in his lungs and went back on chemotherapy.

He just finished his seventh round of chemo currently.

With a combination of the support in the community and Dan’s positive outlook, the disease didn’t stand a chance. 

“The support of your friends and family always make the biggest difference. They are constantly asking me how are you feeling, how are you feeling, and I’m like I’m feeling great, you know, even if I’m feeling 98 percent crappy. There is two percent of the day that is going to be good. I focus on that two percent so it will get me through and that 98 percent will wash away, ” Hall said. 

Those battling cancer are equally leaving a positive impact on the ones who are impacting them.

Stacy Horst, executive director at Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley works closely with those battling cancer each day.

She even has many friends and family members who have been through this experience with cancer.

“They encourage me so much with their spirit and the fight they have and I really feel like I leave with a new friend,” Horst said. 

The community rallies together every day to help those going through the battle with cancer, constantly supporting one another.

The theme for this year’s World Cancer Day is “I am and I will,” which is one way to unite not just the world, but those in Hagerstown as well. 

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