Hagerstown Community College professor’s classroom experiment published


Hagerstown Community College’s very own political science professor Eric Schwartz recently had an article published on politicalsciencenow.com for a classroom experiment.

Schwartz tested his classroom with general and controversial topics to see how they would come together or refuse to talk. Surprisingly, Schwartz discovered that students were able to work together and fight through tough tensions despite the current cultural problems.

“And you know whether they’re feasible, some, are you know, they seem on their face feasible, but the point really wasn’t to produce any particular policy, it was the process of getting them to work together.” Schwartz said. 

The article, entitled “Navigating Partisan Differences in Class Discussions: Engaging Students’ Policy Recommendations,” was written in response to a call for submissions related to educational reflections on the 2018 election. 

“The process is what I wanted the students to focus on.” said Schwartz. “Something like this exercise can be used way beyond the classroom atmosphere, and due to the world we live in today, I think that’s something powerful.”

Schwartz hopes that his study prepares students to use those skills and apply them outside of the classroom, to reach across partisan, ethnic and racial divisions. 

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