Habitat for Humanity hides inspirational rocks throughout Washington County


Habitat for Humanity is celebrating National Volunteer Week, and this week, they’re painting inspirational rocks to be hidden all over Washington County.

Volunteers and visitors painted rocks that will be hidden around Washington County to spread kindness and inspiration. Their kindness rock movement is meant to incorporate little acts of random love and inspiration into anyone and everyone’s lives.

Back in February of 2015, Massachusetts Native Megan Murphy started the Kindness Rock Project after finding a single stone painted in Cape Cod. She believes that one message at the right moment can change someone’s day and outlook on life.

Rocks can have encouragement, offers of hope, gratitude and biblical sayings, and Murphy hopes that these kinds of rocks will be all over the world one day.

“We find rocks all the time, that’s actually how we got into it because we started finding rocks and I was just so thrilled with it,” said Volunteer Services Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member Jessica Gumm. “It’s like finding a little surprise it makes your day. We’re just wanting to spread awareness of our volunteers, all the things they do throughout the county, and the year and we’re just wanting to bring some happiness to someone’s day.”

Several locals came out and painted rocks throughout the afternoon, and for some, being the painters themselves had a special meaning to them.

“My friend invited me to come to this activity and I think it’s wonderful,” said Rock Painter Mary Thomas. “There are too many things that are negative now and people need to stop, think, relax and realize there’s still a lot of good.”

If you find one of these rocks hidden in Washington County, you can either put it in your pocket or you can re-hide it for someone else to brighten their day

“I’m painting this rock to demonstrate how you can be when you do something happy,” said Rock Painter Deborah Burnett. “I’m doing it for my daughter too, she paints rocks and she loves doing it, so whatever makes her happy makes me happy.”

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