Grinder pump replacement in Washington County


Washington County is planning on replacing every single one of the 3,000 grinder pumps throughout the area. 

There are persistent issues relating to grinder pumps, especially in areas susceptible to high flooding, like Sandy Hook. 

People flushing items that the pumps are unable to break down also contributes to these problems. 

Due to maintenance and repair costs, the county decided to begin replacing every grinder pump in the county for a different type of pump that can break down more, requires less maintenance, and breaks less frequently. 

Billy Blair, Systems Mechanic III at Washington County Government said, “The pump that we are using is a pump that can be used to replace 4 different pumps.”

This will make it easier for the county to get parts to replace pumps since the previous ones were outdated and it will also save the county over $100,000 a year

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