Girl’s 9th birthday balloon travels over 400 miles to Hagerstown


A 9-year-old girl’s birthday balloon traveled for hundreds of miles to Maryland. 

“It was literally there for us to find,” said Dean Leyh.  “I was excited to find it.”  

Husband and wife Dean and Debbie Leyh found Carsyn Ewart’s balloon one Monday morning hanging on a tree right in front of their house. Little did they know it made a 400-mile trip from Kettering, Ohio, to Hagerstown, Maryland. 

“The kids always want to take the balloons home and you know, I didn’t want 400 balloons in my house,” said Iowa resident Mark Ewart, a single father of three young girls.

Mark says he started the tradition when Carsyn turned two. Since then, he’s kept it going for his other two daughters, 5-year-old Carrigan and 3-year-old Cassidy. Every birthday, they write a letter, attached with a photo and send it floating on a balloon. 

“I try to create really exciting interesting memories for them and so this is one of those things I do that I think hopefully they will remember,” said Mark. “It’s kind of a tradition that hopefully they’ll continue with their kids down the road.” 

After reading the letter, Debbie emailed Mark and they have kept touch since. 

“It takes people like Debbie who are willing to take five minutes of their time to respond. It really makes it special for the girls and for us,” said Mark.  

Two complete strangers, now sharing an unbreakable bond. 

 “A smile on a little girls face that her balloon got found, that’s really the best part of it,” said Dean. 

*CORRECTION: The location in our video says Iowa, which is inaccurate. The correct location is Kettering, Ohio.

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