Getting kids active during holiday break and cold weather


Christmas may be over but kids are still on holiday break, that’s why one skating rink is helping parents by giving them a reason to get out of the house.

During a long break kids can get used to playing video games and watching television, but in an effort to keep kids off the couch, Turner’s Skate Palace is offering free admission to all students.

“People get bored, they hate being locked up, so it gives them a chance to get out, and get a little energy spent,” said Patty Leazier. 

On top of getting the family out of the house, Patty Leazier owner of Turner’s Skate Palace says this is a great way to get kids to exercise and to break a sweat. 

“It is a great way to get kids active, they come out, they exercise, a lot of physical activity. Skating is a great physical activity, keep kids moving, burns a lot of calories, burns a lot of energy,” said Leazier. 

As a result of it being winter time, Leazier says there is no better place to keep warm, and be active at the same time.

“It’s not so bad being outside if its cold and there’s snow, no snow though, so we have the opportunity, to provide a nice, safe, warm environment for the kids get a lot of good healthy exercise,” said Leazier. 

Turner’s Skate Palace hopes as we get deeper and deeper into winter, families will consider them as a way to bond, and get active together. 

The free skate day at Turner’s Skate Palace continues for the next two days. 

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