Fire truck flipped over and bumper to bumper traffic on I-70


Flipped over trucks and long lines of bumper to bumper traffic were a few side effects of our first snow storm of the season.
WDVM’s Marcus Dash tells how it felt to be in the long lines of traffic. 

The first snowfall brought a taste of what may be a rough winter to drivers along I-70.
Some commuting to work were a bit late because of it. 

“We didn’t expect the traffic, we left for work around 10:45 to make it to Frederick, but we’ve been sitting here for two hours now,” said Tammy Cain. 

Drivers were left bumper to bumper for a little over three hours. Drivers took the time to catch up with friends. 

“Playing on Facebook, listening to the radio, talking to people, calling my job,” said Sarah Cline. 

For some, checking in on social media can get old after two hours.

“Facebook. Getting on each other’s nerves,” said Cain. 

On the other side of I-70 before the traffic began, a Montgomery County fire truck flipped over. Luckily nobody was hurt, however officials on scene say the road caused the driver to lose control, and says drivers should avoid the roads at all costs. 

“Folks really need to think about their purpose for driving in weather like this, slow it down, take it easy, and allow enough travel distance for the vehicle in front of you,” said 
 Deputy Chief Tom Coe with the Frederick County Division of Fire & Rescue. 

On a lighter note during the long wait on I-70, Montgomery County fire officials came around giving people McDonald’s bags with cheeseburgers and fries. 

Finally after 3 hours, the roads were open, and every body was on there way. 

Officials say if you do drive on Interstate 70 to drive slower than the speed limit. 

Marcus Dash reports from I-70 in Myersville, Maryland where a fire truck flipped over, resulting in bumper to bumper traffic. 

The out-of-service Montgomery County fire truck was traveling west bound. Due to ice, it rolled over.

According to the deputy director of emergency services of Frederick County, the driver lost control because of the ice. No injuries were reported, and the fire truck was on its way to get repairs. 

Officials are advising to stay off the roads if you can. 

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