Federal judges want to redraw Maryland’s 6th congressional district


While David Trone won the election for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District there may be even more change on its way to the district.

A Democrat won the 6th Congressional seat on election night, but the next round went to Western Maryland Republicans after Federal judges said the state has to redraw their map of the district.

Jerry DeWolf, chairman of the Washington County Republican Committee and plaintiff in the case, says this a win not for any particular party, but more so for democracy. 

“It’s a big victory that we’re gonna have a chance to have our lines drawn and actually have a fair election,” said DeWolf. 

At one point before 2010 the district included Allegany, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett and Washington Counties.

However, when the lines were drawn after the census took place in 2010, the district included only half of its original population adding around 350,000 voters from Montgomery County.

As DeWolf puts it, these are very different areas.

“There’s farmers in both but in Potomac they have hobby farmers, in Garrett County you have actual farmers,” said Jerry DeWolf. 

With Maryland having to redraw the 6th Congressional District, they’ll have to redraw the entire state as well.
Dewolf says this case sets the precedent for other states to follow suit. 

“Now that we have an appellate court ruling by a three-judge panel, other districts across the country are gonna use this as part of their arguments,” said Jerry DeWolf. 

For now the clock ticks as the state has a four-month deadline to draft a plan to make the changes.

If the state fails to submit a plan to change the district lines by March 7, the court will appoint a commission to do the job for the state. 

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