Family Healthcare Center of Hagerstown places in the nationwide top 20-percentile


Receiving approxiamately $118,000

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– The Health Resources and Services Administration awarded $107 million across the country to family health centers that are providing superior care for their communities. Hagerstown’s Family Healthcare placed in the top 20-percentile nationally.

“We are a healthcare quality center leader and I think for our staff, it’s really exciting,” said Executive Director of Family Healthcare of Hagerstown Kimberly Murdaugh. “They come to work every day, they do a great job, they work hard but it’s nice to be recognized for the hard work they do.”

Hagerstown’s center received six awards in best overall clinical performance, enhancing access to care and reducing health disparities among other awards. In total, Hagerstown’s center received about $118,000.  

“We offer services to the under-served population of the area so those patients that really need the care the most, they can get it,” said Board President Cheryl Keller. “It’s just an opportunity to provide the care they may not get otherwise.”

According to the National Association of Community Health Centers, health care centers will serve over 29 million patients in 2019 and save the healthcare system about $24-billion annually.

“Family Healthcare of Hagerstown is providing excellent quality care to the patients they serve and is among the highest health center providers nationwide,” said Deputy Regional Administrator for HSRA Leah Suter.

Staff members don’t have a plan yet about how they’re going to use the $118,000 but says the community is going to greatly benefit from it.

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