“FaceApp” creates a craze on social media


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — The “FaceApp” has ruled social media for weeks. There’s been speculation that it is unsafe to use — but new information from cybersecurity officials say otherwise.

The FaceApp is an app available for iPhone and Android you can download to your smartphone. The app is capable of swapping your gender, or giving you a peek at what you would look like years older. Celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Terry Crews, and more jumped on the social media craze. With how smart, smartphones are, there have been major privacy concerns.

Some concerns include “this company owned by a Russian nationalist, that maybe this information is being uploaded to Russia and they’re doing things like facial recognition and to target people,” Darren Clark said, who owns Clark Computer Services.

The app was developed in Russia by a company called Wireless Lab. The company says, while it may store users photos on the cloud, the majority of the pictures are deleted after 48 hours and no data is transferred to Russia.

“All the servers are located in the United States and no data has been shown to have been uploaded to any servers over in Russia,” Clark said.

When it comes to privacy you can never be too careful about what you post and what you download.

With any app you download comes a pop up that requires you to agree with the installation and that the app is allowed to have access to your phone.

“Statement from the manufactures that gives them rights over the information you send them, basically they are drawing it up so that they are not sued if something happens,” Clark said. Right now cyber officials say there has been no nefarious activity in connection to the app but it is safe to use just like you would Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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