Experts want to encourage people to have open conversations about transracial adoptions


WASHINGTON, ( WDVM ) — Families come in a variety of forms, but for some people who might be  thinking about adopting — specifically outside of their race. Experts want to stress the importance of understanding the dynamic of transracial adoption.

Being an adoptive parent can be such a joy, but many parents who adopt outside of their race, tend to take a “color blind” approach.

However, experts suggest that it is important for families, to let their adoptive children know that they see their color and they celebrate it as a unit. 

” A lot of people kind of go into it saying, I don’t see color or I’m color blind, and that’s not really the healthiest way to approach it for the children. It is actually really important to see their color, and honor that in your lives.” Said Nicole Witt, Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy.

According to Witt, transracial adoption has become more prevalent, and although Adoption can be a beautiful thing, she wants prospective parents to know, if you are adopting outside of your race, It’s important to prepare and understand where your child comes from.

That way you can help teach them their culture, so they can embrace who they are. Even if that means making some adjustments to your everyday life. 

Which is what Maurine Evans did.. Evans is a mother of two, her first child being biological and her second child being adopted.

She says although her adoptive child is African American, it has only made their family stronger and allows them to be knowledgeable on various matters. 

Evans says no one should not be afraid to ask for help, when experiencing transracial adoption.

” I just encourage families to be willing to go beyond what they may be comfortable with currently, and they will be changed in such a positive way.” Said Evans.

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