Experts suggest the pandemic can impact college students maturity


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — College is a place where some students can’t wait to go. Many dreams about pledging a sorority/ fraternity.

Some are excited to be away from home for the first time and others finally find their voice in college.

College allows you to grow academically but experts suggest it is also a place where young adults learn the essential skills to become efficient adults.

However, according to experts from The Dorm D.C, with the pandemic forcing many classes to take place online this can impact college student’s overall maturity.

Experts suggest some students that are forced to stay at home during college can be limiting their growth.

Instead of going away and developing adult independence, staying at home can allow some students to heavily rely on their parents to do certain things, i.e cooking, cleaning, or other chores.

However having minimal responsibility at home, may not give young adults the chance to gain independent living skills that many learn when they head off to college.

Experts are suggesting if students are staying home that parents give them a bit more responsibility to help them still gain real-world skills.

“Hopefully families are having family meetings and talking through what are the expectations of staying home, and what are the roles that young people can do in the house. For example, they should be cooking dinner, doing their own laundry, helping clean up, or take care of other tasks around the house. They should do things as if they were away for school as if they were living in their own space,” said Sarah Harte Director of the Dorm D.C.

If your child is going to school in person health professionals say check in with them and ensure they are following all safety guidelines.

Harte also recommends people explore ” Failure to Launch” which is a term used to describe young adults who lack preparation mentally and emotionally for the real world.

Failure to launch is common in young adults, it refers to parent dependency and leads to children being unequipped for life.

According to,” when young adults stay at home, don’t search for a job or contribute financially, and begin to withdraw from the world, we have the foundation of failure to launch.”

It is important that parents speak to their children and come up with a plan on how to equip them with “real-world skills.”

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