Expert tips: how to efficiently warm your home and keep bills low


While we all want to stay toasty this winter, heating isn’t cheap — and it can even be hazardous. Experts share tips on what you can do in your home to stay safe and reduce the cost on your electricity bill. 

Experts say residents should have their furnace inspected every year by a certified professional and recommend to not burn anything in a fireplace that is not vented.

To prevent frozen pipes when the cold weather hits, try running the faucet just a bit to avoid it from freezing. If you use a space heater, keep the devices at least three feet away from anything that is combustible.

As temperatures drop, carbon monoxide poisoning also rises. Residents are urged to install battery operated carbon monoxide detectors.  While small gas leaks may not have a smell or other physical signs, there are still some other signs. 

“If they ever smell that rotten egg odor of natural gas, you know, if you’re running your furnace on natural gas.You want to evacuate the area immediately,” said Russell Bedell from Columbia Gas Communications. “Don’t hang around. Just get outside and from a safe location call 911.”

Many programs including Columbia Gas assist people by helping them pay their bills during the winter if they’re income qualified. For more information, go here

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