Easter baby delivered by Smithsburg EMS providers at home


On April 21, Easter Sunday, the Saul family had quiet plans. 

“It was not a planned date for anything other than furniture shopping for the baby,” said Oliver Saul.  

But as many parents know, babies will often do what they wish and on their own timing.

“I wanted a natural birth, just not at home,” laughed Krissa Saul. 
But around 6:30 p.m., Krissa began showing signs of labor. It was when Oliver saw the head of the baby while in their home bathroom that he called 911. 

Nelly Gorodetsky was on duty at the station that day. 

“We got a call for someone who was in labor so we responded to the scene and helped the mom deliver the baby,” said Gorodetsky. 

Although Gorodetsky has been in emergency services since she was 16, this was a first. 

“Throughout my whole time as an EMT and Paramedic this is the only home birth that I’ve encountered,” she said. 

But she used her years of school and training to help her in the situation.

“It’s part of my job, I have to stay calm. If I freak out, then the parents freak out,” she said”

On Wednesday Zoe, her family and Gorodetsky reconnected. 

“We wanted to express our gratitude, we’re forever grateful to the department,” said Oliver Saul. 

Gorodetsky made sure to recognize the five other EMS providers who were also a large part of Zoe’s safe and healthy delivery. 

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