Dusty the Dog is everybody’s friend in downtown Hagerstown


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Call him the neighborhood mascot if you like. For those in a close-knot high-rise in downtown Hagerstown, “Dusty the Dog” is everybody’s friend.

Three times a day Dusty gets a walk around downtown Hagerstown. It’s a familiar site on the block of East Washington Street where the Elizabeth Court high-rise apartments are situated. Dusty and his owner, Deanie Fowlkes, make their rounds. You can’t help but return Dusty’s friendly smile and acknowledge that happy, wagging tail.

“He’s really friendly unless a skateboard or a bicycle goes by. then he barks at ’em,” says Fowlkes.

Dusty gets three walks a day. Dusty really looks forward to getting his treats. The pawnshop next to the high-rise is a familiar stop for Deanie and Dusty. A little something to nibble on among the showcases of jewels and displays of power tools, bicycles and pawned lawn mowers.

James Edwards is a neighbor of Deanie and Dusty and has a real bond with his four-legged friend. “He’s special because being a big dog — I have a little puppy – but he cares for him just like it was his little son.”

You can tell how happy Dusty is to be loved and love back.

“I’ve had him a long time,” Fowlks said. “I’ve had him 10 years. So he’s just like a family member to me.”

When Dusty’s not napping he’s eager to make his rounds. If you’re on East Washington Street in downtown Hagerstown, Dusty is eager to your shaking his paw.

This past weekend happened to be the occasion of Dusty’s birthday. He, Deanie and their neighbors look forward to many more happy years together.

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