Doctors: this severe foot condition is common around holidays, here’s how to avoid it


During the holiday season, it’s easy to fall victim to long lines and walking distances. One doctor warns people of obtaining a severe foot condition called plantar fasciitis. 

Podiatrist and foot surgeon Doctor Daniel Michaels says this condition is caused by things like standing for long periods of time, jumping and running.
“The plantar fascia is a ligament that goes from the heel to the toes and when it gets pressure on it and stretches it gets inflamed and when it’s inflamed it causes pain,” said Michaels
If a case of plantar fasciitis becomes too severe, one could lose their ability to walk. Fortunately, Michaels has simple tips for people to avoid obtaining the extremely, painful foot condition.
“(The foot roller) gets in there and breaks up some of the adhesion and makes it feel really well you can also freeze them and you put them in the freezer and you roll your foot out on it and it feels really good on the foot,” said Michaels.
He also recommends purchasing an inexpensive foot roller or topical product to soothe he heel area.
According to Michaels, individuals should stretch their feet out at least 30 times to help alleviate tension. 
For more information on ways to prevent severe plantar faciitis, visit Doctor Michaels’ website.

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