Dispensaries for medical marijuana across the country are celebrating 4/20

April 20th is a day recognized by those who support the use of the drug marijuana. Dispensaries across the country are celebrating medical marijuana, and bringing awareness of their products to patients.
Kannavis, a dispensary in Frederick, Maryland says they have a lot of different product offerings from topicals and vapors, to raw concentrates.
“You name it, we got it,” Jordan Baker, said, the general manager of Kannavis.
There are a variety of consumption methods, there is also different options available for those who don’t want the impairing effects that can be associated with cannabis.
“Topicals are really great, you can rub it right on your skin, wherever you’re hurting, it’s great for joint pain, great for arthritis,” Baker said.
Inside Kannavis, there’s a section set aside for wellness, and education about CBD, a safe non-addictive substance that has therapeutic properties. A dispensary in the same building allows people who have a medical marijuana license to buy cannabis that contains THC, which is the primary agent responsible for creating a “high.”  Some patients that step foot into Kannavis use the dispensary for serious medical reasons.
“Raw concentrates are for some folks that are looking for more of a heavy experience, these people are going to be on chemo or dealing with serious chronic pain or end of life care,” Baker said.
Walk-in purchases are not allowed from the dispensary because there are certain steps you have to take to be able to make purchases that contain THC.
“You can head over to the Maryland Medical Commissions website, sign up there, they issue you a number you bring that number to your doctor and then approve you or not for medical cannabis,” Baker explained. 
Recreational use of marijuana in Maryland is illegal, but the possession of 10 grams or less has been decriminalized.
Businesses in the area say they feel there should be a focus on changing this. 
“It;s important that we keep the focus on the folks that are using it for symptoms and are using it for medical purposes as it goes recreational,” Baker said.
You can look at Kannavis website for more information on their events. 

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