Discovery Station appoints a kid director for the year


Discovery Station in Hagerstown has appointed an assistant executive director, who might be a bit younger, but her passion for science is out of this world.

Seven-year-old Ashlynn Humphrey was picked to be director because of her drive to teach other kids about science and her video on why she would make a great kid director. She says she knows fun facts about every exhibit.

“I’m helpful and I’m kind, I’ll make sure that all other kids love science,” said Ashlynn .

Being a director comes with responsibilities, and Ashlynn says she does everything she can to make sure the Discovery Station stays in tip-top shape.

“I help set up leprechaun traps, I picked new toys for the gift shop, and for a science project I put Mentos into soda and they burst,” Ashlynn said.

She also told some fun facts about her life and what makes her special.

“Four days before my birthday in the 60’s the first astronaut went to the moon and back to earth alive,” continued Ashlynn. 

She hopes to be the kid director at Discovery Station for as long as she can. 

“I would like to be the discovery station director for 14 years,” said Ashlynn.

As an added bonus, Ashlynn will be helping plan and name a new attraction coming to the Discovery Station next year. 


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