Danger of ice missiles falling off cars


One important thing to remember when cleaning the ice and snow off your car is to clean off the top of the vehicle too.

Those who only clean off the windshield and windows create a danger not only to themselves but to other drivers on the road.

Snow and ice that falls off the car while driving can obstruct the driver’s vision and can even fly back causing damage to the car behind them. 

Although it may take a little more time in the morning to clean off the entire car, it is a state law and it can potentially save a life. 

Alan Decker, Service Manager at Roy’s Quality Car Care said, “it can create what they call an ice missile. Anything that can fall off of your car while you are driving is considered a missile in Maryland and Pennsylvania. It can create accidents. There was actually a lady a who died a couple years ago just before Christmas, on Christmas Eve. A piece of ice came off of a truck and came through her windshield and killed her.”

Aside from cleaning the top of the car, Alan recommends making sure ice is cleaned off all four windows to prevent sideswiping another vehicle. 

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