Cyber officials say using Two-Factor Authentication secures your personal information up to 99%


Online platforms use a authorization code in the form of a text to your phone

FREDERICK, M.d. (WDVM) — There are many ways you can protect yourself from being hacked. “Two-Factor Authentication” takes one extra step, but can save your personal information from criminals.

Users have the option to set up their Two-Factor Authentication as an extra layer of security to your web accounts. It comes in the form of a text.

“If you’re a cybercriminal and you’re trying to hack into an account, if you don’t have that code then you’re not getting into those accounts,” Lee Janes said, from Clark Computer Services.

To use this security option is simple. Once you’ve activated this measure you can log onto your web accounts from anywhere. After logging into your account with a user name and password, a text will be sent to your phone, prompting the user to enter a six or more digit pin in to verify its actually you.

“Microsoft studies say that simply just turning on two-factor authentication it reduces your chances of being hacked by 99%,” Janes said.

Google studies also show that turning on this safety feature reduces automated attacks, which are attacks cybercriminals create using stolen passwords. While this safety feature has shown to offer concrete protection, cyber officials say you should always be wary when it comes to protecting your personal information.

“Enabling two factor doesn’t make you bulletproof, they can use very sophisticated phishing techniques to get around two-factor but again it reduces the odds,” Janes said. The coded texts will come to your phone every time you log in to your accounts.

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