Cyber criminals take over online forms with “formjacking”


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Cyber criminals are taking their schemes to the next level, “formjacking” is a type of hack that avid online shoppers and users might not be able to escape.

When you purchase something online, every website normally has you “checkout” in a particular way. Cyber criminals can plant a formjacking code onto online forms that can capture your data. “They put code on there so when you hit that submit button, not only does your information going where its intended to go but they put code to redirect that information to their systems as well,” Darren Clark said, owner of Clark Computer Services.

According to Symantec, a cyber security software company, hackers attempted more than $3.7 million formjacking attacks in 2018 and roughly 4800 sites are infected each month. They say, by stealing just ten credit cards per website, criminals can earn up to $2.2 million per month by using this type of hack. “Large business like Amazon, PayPal, they have security staff that are monitoring this in real time and they are also putting the mechanisms to protect their websites from being hacked into,” Clark said.

Cyber officials say it’s difficult to protect yourself against this scheme, so when you’re filling out any type of form on a website there are no indicators to tell you that the site has been compromised. If you must purchase something online, and have second thoughts on trusting the site you can purchase gift cards to use instead if using your credit card number.

“You can buy a $100 visa gift card so the worst thing that can happen is if a cyber criminal steals your information is that they would only have what’s on that gift card,” Clark said. Cyber officials say any precaution is worth it when it comes to your personal information so installing security software will help warn you when you click on an unsafe site.

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