Comcast phone scam reaches the tri-state area


FREDERICK, M.d. (WDVM) — Do you use “Xfinity Comcast” as your television provider? Cyber officials want to warn everyone about a phone scam that’s circulating in the area.

This scam is not new to cybercriminals. The twist is that it’s circulating in the tri-state area. If you’re a Comcast customer and you see the company name pop up on your caller ID, its a scam.

“They can access that modem without users helping them, so Comcast would never call you up and ask you if they can take over your computer to fix their equipment,” Darren Clark said, from Clark computer services. According to victims, the cybercriminals call them and manipulate the caller id to make it look real.

Scammers tell their potential victim that someone outside the United States hacked into their IP address and modem. with how high tech some of these digital platforms are, you can access more than just television, it could be personal accounts.

“Help them get onto your computer remotely so that they can put software on there to do things like capture credit card information when you buy something off of amazon or maybe capture a password when you log onto your bank account,” Clark said.

Cyber officials say the number one thing to do is hang up but if you feel like doing your own investigating you can ask specific questions.

“If you’re not sure if its a fake call you should ask for a case number, then tell them that you’re going to verify the call is legit,” Clark also said. Cyber officials also say to make sure you’re being critical when you get a call from a company. Your personal information is at stake when you take their word for it. If you receive any of these phone calls Comcast encourages you to report them to their offices.

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