Closing your bedroom door before bed could save your life


Sleeping with your bedroom door closed can potentially save your life. 

The Hagerstown Fire Department is reminding everyone to close before you doze.

40 years ago when your smoke alarm sounded, you had 17 minutes to get out. Today you only have less than 3 minutes to leave the burning home. 

This is because modern construction materials burn hotter, helping fire travel quicker.

Keeping your door closed can decrease the amount of oxygen that gets into the room and increase the amount of time before the smoke and flames get to you.

This also allows the fire department more time to put the fire out.

Adam Hopkins, Battalion Chief of the City of Hagerstown Fire Department said, “Most of the time people succumb to smoke inhalation before they succumb to the flames of the fire. By keeping the door closed, you can keep the smoke and toxic gases out of the room to the buy more time for the fire department to get there and rescue you.”

Most fires happen between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., which is when most people sleep, that emphasizes the importance of sleeping with a closed door. 

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