Child abuse reports have decreased during the pandemic


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — It’s no secret that the pandemic has made many things difficult, unfortunately, one of the difficulties include seeing the signs of child abuse.

According to medical life sciences, over 200,000 cases of child abuse have gone unreported due to COVID-19, and in Maryland, children’s advocacy centers reported a 25 percent drop in reports.

 Due to many mandated reporters not seeing children in person.

The National Institute of Health reported that in the U.S about  20% of reports of abuse come from schools which makes educators the main reporters of ill-treatment, but with many schools operating virtually the signs of neglect can be hard to see. 

To spot the signs of abuse virtually, teachers should ensure a parent is home and alert if a child is too young to stay alone, pay attention to the student’s hygiene, or set up virtual check-ins to speak with each student one on one.

Taylor Pyles, Executive director of Blue Ribbon Project for abused children, stated:

“Bad things are happening in the home and it’s not being reported so it’s important to support families and children by keeping an eye out for signs and symptoms of abuse. It is a real thing and with the added stress from the pandemic and kids stuck at home, things can get worse.”

Experts say people should never be hesitant when reporting signs of abuse.

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