Cedar Lawn Memorial Park releases statement regarding damaged gravestones


Cedar Lawn Memorial Park released a statement following photos of damaged gravestones.

Residents continue to visit the park after photos surface of damage to many gravestones in the cemetery.

Morgan Moore who lives near the site said she saw employees working with a backhoe loader which resulted in the damage.

“There were trucks and a backhoe I think going in and out, the backhoe was digging up graves and the truck was taking the dirt from the grave out,” Moore said.

Moore’s sister said she also witnessed what she believes to be employees operating machinery approximately around Feb. 14-15.

“I can tell that the cemetery is trying to repair the damage because these guys were out yesterday for the whole day filling in the divots and marking (them) with spray paint and things like that,” Manning said.

Park officials released a statement regarding the situation to ease the minds of concerned residents.


“I wanted to let our families know I understand everyone is rightfully upset due to the damage in the cemetery.  Unfortunately, due to the rain and the snow which has been excessive this year, it has caused the ground to be very saturated.  Most of the damage is due to having to open new graves and with the ground already so soft the equipment starts to sink and slide and then you end up working against yourself. The more you try and fix it the worse it gets. The grounds crew are working diligently to repair damages within the cemetery. We have even called in extra help so that we may make the repairs as quickly as possible. If our families have any concerns or questions they can call the cemetery at (301)733-6682.” – Cedar Lawn Memorial Park

The park also has work order documents available for anyone who believes their loved ones’ area obtains damages at any point.

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