Bruchey to WDVM: “Never call me again”


Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey declined to have any future involvement in WDVM and Antietam Broadband’s negotiations Wednesday afternoon. 

Bruchey answered a phone call from WDVM, and was asked, “What would you like to see from your local television company?”

He requested to not be called again, nor to be involved or be asked for any comment involving the negotiations.

“I have made it clear, I’m not getting involved between two businesses making business deals,” Bruchey said. “I request that you never call me again.”

WDVM has made several attempts since January 1 to receive comments on camera from Bruchey.

Andrew Wyatt, Vice President and General Manager of WDVM, responded by asking the mayor to take a stand.

“I think the mayor needs to stand up and lead,” Wyatt said. “This issue is on the top of mind for dozens and dozens of local citizens, and for him not to have an opinion is a shame. It is all people talk about to our employees, and it is the first thing I hear about when someone from Washington County sees me.”

“Antietam’s subscribers want our two companies to negotiate and resolve this, and he should encourage Antietam to return to the negotiating table.”

WDVM and Antietam Broadband’s negotiations have been stalled for almost a month, Wyatt said, and added that the television station’s requests for further negotiations have not been returned.

“There are a lot of people who voted for Mayor Bruchey who care about this, and I think he should have an opinion too,” Wyatt said. 


Amid Mayor Bruchey’s unwillingness to speak on his community’s ability to receive local news, Wyatt believes the Mayor should still have a say in community matters.

“I appreciate the fact that the Mayor calls it a business deal and it is business deal, we’re not asking him to negotiate it for us, we’re just asking him to use his influence and get Antietam to call us back.” said Wyatt. 

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