Bracing for the 2019 fall allergy season


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) – You can run and you can hide, but those cold like symptoms will always track you down. Fall allergy season is here.

In the spring, pollen is the big allergen, but during fall the major culprit is ragweed. Due to lower humidity in the fall and winter months, around 75% of people will develop a ragweed allergy.

“Ragweed is the major fall pollen, it begins to pollinate August 15th actually, its on the day, and it crescendos into labor day weekend and it persist into first frost.” said allergist Dr. Paul Mauriello.

Ragweed thrives in places where there are cool nights and warm days. Weather does play a big role in the pollen levels. Rainy days can significantly reduce the pollen count, whereas dry days can make things worse.

However according to local meteorologist and allergist, when you compare the numbers, this year’s pollen levels have been about average.

As with other allergies, the best treatment is to avoid the allergen, but pollen can be very difficult to avoid.

Doctors recommend medications that combine an antihistamine and a decongestant like Zyrtec or nasal sprays like Afrin. and if worse come to worst, you can always try allergy shots.

Yes, the seasons are changing, but don’t let allergies keep locked inside.

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