Boss Business Workshop inspires business owners to protect themselves and employees


If a business wants to protect itself and have a successful recruiting process, according to the Small Business Development Center, it all starts with the boss.

Main Street Hagerstown and the DBDC hosted several Washington County business owners Wednesday morning

Whether a company is hiring their first employee or their hundredth, C.E.O and President of NLH Contracting Nicole Orisme said that hiring can be a grueling process. Picking the right people can determine the successful growth of every company and bosses shouldn’t just fill empty chairs.

“Just want to make sure that people are well-armed with all the information they need in order to make sure they don’t get any fines.” said Orisme “Or, they end up in a bad place in court with employment-based issues.”

Orisme stressed several times in her lecture that documentation is vital to a business’s protection, and it turns out, she had active listeners.

“I just had a school mentor reach out to me about a week ago and she said that she went back and recently just opened a smoothie shop and she was so appreciative of all the information,” said Orisme. “Everything about how to hire, how to get moving, how to push your business plan forward.”

Co-owner of Covenant Plumbing Lekesia Dempsy said she felt blessed being able to attend and she was surprised by the importance of documentation.

“I wouldn’t have thought to keep it for that amount of time,” said Dempsy. “Definitely protecting our company and protecting our future employees also to know that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”

Whether the business is just starting out or has been running for a decade, the SBDC said any and all businesses should constantly be updating and checking their HR departments, documentation, hiring and firing process to make sure they’re operations benefit the employees and themselves.

“We’re moving towards now getting ready to hire full time or at least part-time employees so we just want to avoid some pitfalls or at least hear warnings,” said Dempsy.

SBDC will be hosting many more business seminars on varying topics until the end of May.

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