Blondy and Company expands into clothing business


Blondy and Company is seeking to go beyond perfecting women’s hair and nails, but rather is expanding into a clothing business. The Two Blondes Apparel started three years ago in July and has made such an impact on women’s lives through faith, comfort and style.

Owners of Two Blondes Apparel, Christinia Smithcessna and Penny Wease started the clothing line to make women of all shapes and sizes cozy and loved.

“We’re super excited about dressing our clients, making them look beautiful in their hair and nails and now we can dress them in fashions that fit their body shape properly. And, everybody feels great in our clothing line, it’s comfortable but yet you feel like you’re in your pajamas but you don’t look like you went outside in your pajamas.” said Smithcessna. 

Smithcessna went on to say that she accredits the expansion to her faith in God.

“Without Him, there wouldn’t be any of this. I’m amazed at everything and there’s only more to come” said Smithcessna. 

Devoted patron Marsha Wadsworth has seen been a part of the expansion since day one and seeing it all come together is absolutely worth it.

“It’s cool for me because I have been here since the beginning. I have seen the blood sweat and tears that these ladies have put into this company and it is amazing. It is amazing, you can’t find two better ladies,” Wadsworth said. 

Christina and Penny hope to be done the expansion project in February and bring the boutique to life.

For more information, visit their home page

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