Birds move into Gaithersburg family’s front porch


GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WDVM) — The Kentlands neighborhood in Gaithersburg is a notoriously quiet, family-friendly area. A new family just moved in, and some of their neighbors say the new family has a problem with personal space.

“This morning, my husband took our dog for a walk and when he came back in, he was pretty upset. The was a bird flying around there was a nest in [our wreath],” said Ashley Ruttenberg, who’s lived in the Kentlands with her family since last year.

“He didn’t see the eggs, I came back out and saw all the little eggs in there,” she said of their discovery Wednesday morning.

If you weren’t looking for them, you might not even notice they’re there. Ruttenberg said she’s spotted what appears to be a red finch hanging around her home, and she thinks the nest belongs to her.

Suspected new neighbor. Courtesy of Ashley Ruttenberg.

Ruttenberg said loves the nest, but her husband, not so much.

“He had a bad experience with birds as a kid. He does not like birds. So, now, I’m tasked with anything that involves going outside, including walking our dog,” she laughed.

Ruttenberg says there are nests all over the neighborhood — and she’s happy they’ve found a home in her wreath. It was a gift from her mother, a gift that holds a special place in her heart.

“On December 3 of last year, two days before she passed, she gave me the wreath as a birthday present. I don’t know if there’s any spiritual meaning to it or anything, but it shows that we always leave something behind us. So, her giving me this wreath provided a home for this new little bird family,” Ruttenberg said.

She also said she’s leaving the wreath right where it is. If you have birds who decide to perch on your porch, too, experts say you should do the same.

“If possible, leave the nest where it is. Those little fledglings, after about 14 days of hatching and they’re up and moving around, you can go ahead and remove that nest,” said Tim Larney of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Larney explained in some cases, it is illegal to move or destroy the nests of migratory birds. Before moving any nest more than just a few feet away from its original spot, he says it’s best to check with your local natural resources department or seek professional help.

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