Behind the scenes as FedEx prepares to ship holiday packages


For delivery services, this time of year is the busiest.  

At the FedEx in Hagerstown, around 100 employees ship and sort packages that will make their way to other parts in Frederick, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. For delivery services, the holiday season is like the Super Bowl. 

“Pretty much, just go at it with no thought,” said Carrier Clay Brown. “Just whatever is in front of you, just aim to go at it.” 

Behind the scenes, thousands of packages are delivered every day to the facility where 75 carriers will deliver the individual packages to customers. 

Ellen Muck, service insurance agent at the FedEx in Hagerstown, has been an employee for 30 years. 

“We’re handling as we call it, the golden package,” she said. “You never know what this package could be for somebody, so gotta get it done. Gotta get it done.” 

Manager Dean Hinkle says due to E-commerce, a form of online shopping, they continue to hire qualified employees to meet the high demands. “We generally hit the road around 9 in the morning and come back around 8 at night.” 

A fast-paced job where employees have been planning for the holiday crush since March, geared up and ready to go. 

“We’re looking at averaging 14 million packages a day now compared to where our peak day, 10 years ago, just for one day was 10 million,” said Hinkle.  

FedEx has over 425,000 members worldwide that sort and deliver packages. FedEx does deliver packages on Christmas Eve, but it is best to ship as early as possible. 

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