Bear attacks, kills two miniature horses in Clear Spring


Two miniature horses were killed in Clear Spring by a bear. 

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed that two miniature horses were killed in a densely wooded area near Mummort Road some time between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“Based on everything, the size of the tracks we found, the fact that that bear showed up back at that sight, things like that, it all pointed to that bear,” said Harry Spiker, Maryland state bear biologist. 

Further investigation confirmed that the two miniature horses were killed by a 200 pound adult male black bear. Experts say an attack like this is rare. 

“What we were able to surmise happened is that I believe the animals came together by happen stance,” said Spiker. “It did not seem to be a predatory attack.” 

The DNR says they get about 500 reported bear nuisance calls in a year. A bear similar to the one that killed the miniature horses was captured on Tuesday. 

“We caught that animal. We relocated it. We did what we call aversive conditioning, which we put fear of people into that animal. We used pepper spray, some non-lethal projectiles and basically gave him a rough time,” said Spiker. 

Experts say there is very little threat or concern to residents, and that June and July are peak breeding seasons for bears. 

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