Automobile experts encourage drivers to get their cars checked during the winter season


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — For the past few months, many people have spent more time at home, but now the holidays are here, and many individuals are preparing to drive longer and farther than they have all year.

However, mechanical experts say if your car has been sitting for the past few months it’s important to get it checked out before you drive.

Automotive experts at Goodyear brakes say, oftentimes people believe that if your car has not been driven there should not be anything wrong with it, however, experts say that is quite the opposite.

During the winter season especially, it is crucial to not leave your car immobile for long periods of time.

The lack of mobility can make your car become dry, brittle, and susceptible to failure, and during the cold climate, this can allow your car not to start. Experts say if your car has not been driven in a while it’s important to check the oil, tires, and brakes to ensure your safety. 

Lauren Fix, CEO of Automotive Aspects, Inc. stated:

“Keep in mind that if you haven’t checked any of those fluids, it can cause problems for your car. Oil can freeze, and so can coolant, that’s why they call it antifreeze. Also, if your engine block freezes, your car is not going anywhere. It’s very important to check your vehicle especially if you have not driven it lately to ensure you will be safe.”

Mechanical experts say your brakes are the most crucial thing to check because it’s important that you’re able to stop in order to prevent accidents.

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