Antietam Broadband reports services restored, outage confirmed as malicious


Antietam Broadband reports that it has resolved the recent outage that left several without phone or internet service for about a week.

In a recent Facebook post shared on Monday, April 29, Antietam Broadband shared all customers impacted by the outage should be able to regain service. Within the post, the cable company also shared that it’s confirmed that the cause was by “a malicious effort by a person, or persons, outside our network area purposely to disrupt internet service to our customers.” It was also made aware that although malicious activity was confirmed, no customers personal information was exposed.

As of the morning of April 26, Antietam Broadband customers were still experiencing trouble connecting to their internet and phone service.

City of Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey shared his thoughts on the issue.

“You know it’s tough right now, my internet has been up and down since Wednesday evening, you know everybody’s has,” Bruchey said.

The city of Hagerstown released an apology for the inconvenience but later took it down.

“The part where it said we apologize … this isn’t the city of Hagerstown’s problem, we did not create it, we have no control over it so we don’t,” Bruchey said.

Communications officer of Hagerstown, Wes Decker, appreciates Antietam Broadband working on the problem.

“I think they’re being very transparent with what’s going on, I mean that’s a tough one to be that honest about something and say we’re not exactly sure but right now that’s where it stands and hopefully they’ll get it all vented out,” Decker said.

The cable service released a temporary solution for customers until the issue is fully resolved. According to a release sent by Antietam Broadband, customers impacted by the outage will receive a credit.

Antietam Broadband announced that about 20-25% of their internet and phone customers are experiencing a disruption in service.

The company said their engineering teams are working to resolve it, “but have no estimated time to repair as of now.” 

Antietam customer and Boonsboro resident Heather Dillow shared her experience, saying she realized she couldn’t connect to the internet around 9 p.m. Wednesday. She tried to fix it herself, and had on-and-off connection from midnight to around noon Thursday. From around 12:45 p.m., she said her internet hasn’t reconnected.

Dillow is concerned about being able to work from home since she has not had reliable internet connection. 

“If I can’t work, I have to use my vacation time and/or report to the closest office to do my job duties. Unfortunately, that is not feasible for me, therefore I have no option but to use my vacation time. For something as silly as this… I didn’t even know there was a county outage until a co-worker advised me of it. Here I was thinking all along it was my “weak signal.” Dillow said.

Robin Irvin, a Clear Spring resident, said their outage began at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, but having unlimited data for their cell phone has helped. Irvin contacted Antietam and heard an automated message about the outage.  “We’ve been with Antietam Cable for good while and this is longest that we’ve been down,” Irvin said.

Another Clear Spring resident who asked not to be named, claimed when they called after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday about their connection, the employee they spoke with did not inform them of a widespread connection issue. The resident said Antietam told them, “that it was all from inside the house through my router port that was bad.” The resident found out it was not just their router after seeing other Antietam customers post about the outage on Facebook. 

Antietam Broadband said they will be posting updates on their website every two or three hours at The company also said their phone system is overloaded with calls. 

As of 5:30 p.m. Thursday, the company posted this on their Facebook page: 

“We continue to experience an outage with Internet and Phone services. Though this is impacting about 25% of our customers, it is still creating an overload of our phones and other response systems, so wait times may be long, you may receive busy signals or slower than average responses.

Our Engineering team is working non-stop to make progress in full restoration, but there is currently no estimated time to fully restore services.

We will be offering credit for any customers impacted for the duration of the outage. To receive credit, please contact us after your service is fully restored during regular customer service hours at 301-797-5000.

Thank you for your patience, we know this is frustrating for all impacted, but please know we are working to restore all services as quickly as possible.”

Dillow added, “To have their customers call to be given a refund/credit is unacceptable. If they know that it is impacting 25% of their customers, they know who those 25% are. They should place a credit to their customer’s account.” 

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