Antietam Broadband customers concerned over no local coverage as snow approaches


For the past twelve days Antietam Broadband customers have not been able to see Hagerstown’s own local news, weather, and sports coverage, as Antietam cable decided to not renew their deal with Local WDVM 25.

“I miss the weather, I miss knowing what’s going on in our local area. You shouldn’t have to watch Washington D.C. station to see what your weather is going to be,” said Connie Cramer.

Other disgruntled Antietam Broadband customers say many people in Hagerstown rely solely on watching WDVM 25 for breaking news and weather, to prepare for what’s to come.

“Antietam cable not carrying that station, how is the disabled, and the elderly, gonna be able to know how to dress for that day?,” said Junior. 

Without having WDVM 25, Antietam Broadband cable customers like Tom Stanton tell us they are starting to feel out of the loop and also tired of receiving news from far away areas

“You’re just listening to what’s happening down the road in Washington or Baltimore, we know more about what’s going on there, than you do here in Hagerstown,” said Tom Stanton. 

Customers like Connie Cramer feel that she has a right to get her local news and that Antietam should do right by their paying customers.

“We are out of touch and we are being left out, and we are paying for our cable and we are paying a good price for our cable,” said Cramer. 

Customers have a message for Antietam Broadband.

“It’s pretty messed up that you guys can’t find a way around this budget for you guys to carry this station,” said Junior. 

If you would like to continue seeing WDVM 25 call Antietam Broadband at 855-699-4613.

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