Animal paws and the pavement


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — As the summer heat rises so does the temperature of the pavement. The heat can do severe damage to your pets’ paws. “If it’s too hot for your human touch then you can bet its too hot for your dog,” Noel Fridgen said, the communications manager for the Humane Society in Hagerstown. Think about how your bare feet feel when you’re walking across the piping hot sand on a beach day. That’s how your dog can feel out on a walk on the pavement.

“We recommend taking dogs out for walks limiting it during the day, you really want to do it in the morning hours or the evening hours where it’s just a little bit cooler outside, we recommend talking them walking in the grass just to give their paw pads a break,” Fridgen said. When the weather is in the high 80’s, the temperature of the pavement can reach up to over 135 degrees. “Just a mile in hot weather and then came to find the dogs paws were totally blistered and red,” Fridgen said.

Your dog can’t tell you when they’re in pain, but there are signs you can look for. “Limping, if he’s licking or trying to chew at his feet, if you look at his paw pad they may appear darker than normal or be visibly damaged, and you want to check for blisters or redness if you dog is constantly outside you can buy boots for their paws to keep the heat from sinking in. They also help cool them down,” Fridgen said. The humane society also wants to remind everyone to keep their dogs out of hot cars.

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