American Legion Post 171 holds D Day remembrance dinner


Seventy-five years ago, the United States landed troops on Omaha beach, in order to drive back the Axis powers forces.

American Legion Post 171 held a dinner on Saturday to help preserve and honor all WWII patriots, living and deceased. On display were WWII artifacts such as maps, weapons, and clothes.

The guest speaker at the dinner was Delmas Wood Jr., a Franklin D. Roosevelt impersonator and founder of the F.D.R. Living Museum.

After the speech, the WWII veterans were given awards for their loyal service to the United States all those decades ago, followed by a reading of names of those who were killed in action at Normandy.

“It was a busy, busy place,” says Don McKee, a medic that was on Omaha beach, 75 years ago. “The Germans were ready for us. We didn’t surprise them. They knew we were coming because they were right there in great force. And we had a hell of a time.”

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